Marketing Consulting & Services

Obax Marketing Agency specializes in branding, marketing strategy, and digital marketing for biotech, electronics, and aerospace industries. We understand technical audiences and will help you grow your business with better marketing.

Obax Marketing is a full service B2B marketing agency in San Diego County, California, USA. We provide brand marketing, digital marketing, metrics to measure your ROI, and outstanding web designs to grow your business.

We have decades of experience working for technical companies in marketing, manufacturing, and engineering departments. We understand audiences who are engineering-based and will help you create the tools to reach your customers and potential customers.

One of our hobbies is volunteering for high school robotics teams. For nearly 5 years, Obax staff members have mentored FIRST robotics teams in the areas of business, marketing, and communications, as well as teaching students how to build the robots using our engineering and machining expertise. Our passion is to help students discover their own potential for opportunities in STEM they didn’t realize existed.

About the name

“Obax” is a word for flower in East Africa, something of beauty and strength. We are dedicated to making your business grow beautiful and strong. Contact us to start now.