Marketing Consulting & Services

Obax Marketing is a full-service B2B marketing agency in San Diego. We provide brand marketing, digital marketing, metrics to measure your ROI, and outstanding web designs to grow your business. Obax Marketing provides marketing strategy, branding, and digital marketing for the biotech, electronics, and aerospace industries. We understand technical audiences and will help you grow your business with strategic marketing approaches that fit your specific business requirements.


Marketing for Business-to-Business is our specialty, and we have years of marketing expertise in these major areas:

Marketing strategy

We’ll work with you to define the road map for what you need to grow and identify the tools you will need to achieve success for short- or long-term results. We help you develop go-to-market strategies for product launches. We’ll also set up metrics to measure success so that the right marketing tools and techniques are being used.


It’s important to promote your identity clearly, and in the right places, from sales materials to web designs to advertising. Our experience will deliver the look of key details and set up the right styles so that your branding fully supports your business needs.

Digital marketing

The buzzword “digital marketing” refers to many different tools. The experts from Obax Marketing will work with you to pick the right communications tools and advertising to build your brand in the digital space.

Web Design and SEO

Ensure that your digital footprint is being seen and that it projects the right image. Even if you have a website already, we will work with you to be sure it supports the business you want to have. We are also highly experienced in SEO – search engine optimization – and will work to be sure that your target audiences find you.

Writing & Editing

Make sure your voice sets the professional tone you need to shine. Award-winning technical and marketing writers are a key part of Obax Marketing, with experience in aerospace, biotech, and electronics manufacturing, from copywriting for advertising to technical papers. We will deliver content that works for your needs.

Social Media Programs

Sculpt your online presence to reflect your unique requirements. Although some people don’t think social is important in B2B marketing, it can influence SEO and reach buyers you didn’t know about. We will work with you to identify a social media program that will grow and support your business.


Measure your marketing practices. Not all businesses need the same marketing practices, so we like to set up metrics to be sure the right marketing tools and techniques are being used. We are used to working with engineers who want to see “the numbers” to better quantify what is successful, and we want to see the same thing.